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"Chilling with Ms. Decking Diva a.k.a Ms.DD" Trucker Podcast.

"Chilling with Ms. Decking Diva a.k.a Ms. DD πŸ’‹" Trucker Podcast. Created March of 2022. Is a podcast that is Raw and Uncut and allows the trucker Man or Women to speak there mind. This Podcast welcomes all and does not discriminate on who he or she is! 

Speaking on topics from Politics and World News in Transportation, Weather and what's going on around the world. This Podcast also allow the Trucker Man or Women to be uncut and raw on what's on there mind and what they want to express without being hushed in a " Vent that Shit" section in the content. We also have a Dear Decking Diva section so a Trucker can write me what's on there mind and we can discuss it without the person being exposed. Too many truckers are out here with no voice but things bottled up . Old school trucker and New school truckers incouraged to chime in so we can get both views. " Let's discuss it"!

" Let's Get It out In The Open!"

Clarissa "Decking Diva " Davidson

Trucking since 2010

*Used Deck (carry up to 4 tractors)

*Boom Driver

*Heavy/ Medium Wrecker

*PPI driver for cars

* Repossession for cars and Trucks

*Heavy Haul Driver

*Light Duty Driver

*Flat bed


"Let's discuss it " Tuesdays and Thursdays! Central time. 7:00 p.m!

P.P.I Light Duty

Heavy / Medium Wrecker

4 way used Deck

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Albert Thompson on Monday, 14 March 2022 22:26

hello decking im looking forward to your podcast

hello decking im looking forward to your podcast
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